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4The Life of George Washingtonquizsolution
5McGuffey's Second Readerquizsolution
6The Tale of Jolly Robinquizsolution
7The Tale of Solomon Owlquizsolution
8Our Hero General Grantquizsolution
9The Tale of Paddy Muskratquizsolution
10The Bobbsey Twins at Schoolquizsolution
11Childhood's Happy Hoursquizsolution
12Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New Worldquizsolution
14Fifty Famous Storiesquizsolution
15Four Naval Heroesquizsolution
16The Rover Boys on the Great Lakesquizsolution
17The Rover Boys on the Riverquizsolution
18Five Little Peppers and How They Grewquizsolution
19Five Little Peppers Midwayquizsolution
20The Rover Boys at Collegequizsolution
21Tom Swift and His Airshipquizsolution
22The Rover Boys on the Oceanquizsolution
23Tom Swift and His Air Scoutquizsolution
24The Adventures of Pinocchioquizsolution
25The Rover Boys on a Tourquizsolution
26The Swiss Family Robinsonquizsolution
27The Rover Boys on Treasure Islequizsolution
28Ben Pepperquizsolution
29Uncle Remusquizsolution
30The Rover Boys on Snowshoe Islandquizsolution
31Aesop's Fablesquizsolution
32The Rover Boys in Southern Watersquizsolution
33Joel Pepperquizsolution
35The Rover Boys on Land and Seaquizsolution
36Tom Swift and His Motor Boatquizsolution
37Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farmquizsolution
38The Rover Boys Down Eastquizsolution
39Do and Darequizsolution
40Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glassquizsolution
41The Rover Boys on a Huntquizsolution
42Uncle Remus Returnsquizsolution
43Jack's Wardquizsolution
44McGuffey's Third Readerquizsolution
45Just So Storiesquizsolution
46Hans Brinker or The Silver Skatesquizsolution
47Boy Knight: a Tale of the Crusadesquizsolution
48Tom Swift and His Submarine Boatquizsolution
49Little Womenquizsolution
50Bob, Son of Battlequizsolution
51Little Menquizsolution
52McGuffey's Fourth Readerquizsolution
53The Pied Piperquizsolution
54The Life of Lafayettequizsolution
55Brave and Boldquizsolution
56Facing the Worldquizsolution
57David Crockett, Scoutquizsolution
58Up From Slaveryquizsolution
59Captains Courageousquizsolution
60Told By Uncle Remusquizsolution
61The Hound of the Baskervillesquizsolution
62Uncle Remus and His Friendsquizsolution
63McGuffey's Fifth Readerquizsolution
64Picturesque America (Vol. 1)quizsolution
65Gulliver's Travelsquizsolution
66Tom Sawyerquizsolution
67Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol 1)quizsolution
68The Jungle Bookquizsolution
69The Second Jungle Bookquizsolution
70The Pathfinderquizsolution
71Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant (Vol 2)quizsolution
72Life of Washington (Vol 1)quizsolution
73The Song of Hiawathaquizsolution
74The Prince and the Pauperquizsolution
75Robinson Crusoequizsolution
76Pilgrim's Progressquizsolution
77Life of Washington (Vol 2)quizsolution
78Poems of Kiplingquizsolution
79McGuffey's Sixth Readerquizsolution
80Life of Washington (Vol 3)quizsolution
81The Spyquizsolution
82Picturesque America (Vol 2)quizsolution
83Diaries of George Washington (Vol 1)quizsolution
84The Lawquizsolution
85Treasure Islandquizsolution
86Diaries of George Washington (Vol 2)quizsolution
87The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklinquizsolution
88Pudd'nhead Wilsonquizsolution
89Diaries of George Washington (Vol 3)quizsolution
90Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmesquizsolution
91Afloat and Ashorequizsolution
92Diaries of George Washington (Vol 4)quizsolution
93David Crockett's Autobiographyquizsolution
94Not Yours to Givequizsolution
95The Vicar of Wakefieldquizsolution
96Economic Sophismsquizsolution
97Life of Lincolnquizsolution
98The Friendly Arcticquizsolution
99What Has Government Done to Our Money?quizsolution
100The Song of Rolandquizsolution
101Economics in One Lessonquizsolution
102On that Day Began Liesquizsolution
103The Holy Warquizsolution
104The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 1)quizsolution
105Annals of a Quiet Neighborhoodquizsolution
106Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seaquizsolution
107Heather and Snowquizsolution
108The Life of Stonewall Jacksonquizsolution
109The Mysterious Islandquizsolution
110The White Companyquizsolution
111Environmental Overkillquizsolution
112The Heart of the Antarctic (Vol 1)quizsolution
113Tom Sawyer: Abroad, Detective, Etcquizsolution
114The Soldier in Our Civil War (Vol. 2)quizsolution
115The Autobiography of Theodore Rooseveltquizsolution
116Oliver Twistquizsolution
117Huckleberry Finnquizsolution
118Memoirs of William Tecumseh Shermanquizsolution
119Don Quixotequizsolution
120Life on the Mississippiquizsolution
121Cicero's Orationsquizsolution
122The Federalist Papersquizsolution
123The Heart of the Antarctic (Vol 2)quizsolution
124Julius Caeserquizsolution
125Of the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animalsquizsolution
126United States Historical Documentsquizsolution
127The Enterprising Americansquizsolution
128My African Journeyquizsolution
129The War Between The Statesquizsolution
131A Tale of Two Citiesquizsolution
132The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclearquizsolution
133Rise and Fall of the Confederate Govt. (Vol 1)quizsolution
134Faraday's Lecturesquizsolution
135Fiat Money Inflation in Francequizsolution
136Caesar's Gallic Warquizsolution
137Lincoln's Speeches and Lettersquizsolution
138The World Crisisquizsolution
139Rise and Fall of the Confederate Govt. (Vol 2)quizsolution
140Fifty Years in the Royal Navyquizsolution
141King Henry Vquizsolution
142Two Years Before The Mastquizsolution
143Common Sense of the Exact Sciencesquizsolution
144Paradise Lostquizsolution
145Wealth of Nationsquizsolution
146Paradise Regainedquizsolution
147Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol 1)quizsolution
148The Princequizsolution
149Hamlet, Prince of Denmarkquizsolution
150Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vol 2)quizsolution
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